Grange Primary School needed help to communicate the tremendous transformation the school has made over the past 4 years, including new facilities and a second best school rating. Grange is situated in a London area where the number of competing schools is very high, so our task was to help Grange stand out from the competing schools by communicating what a great warm, supportive education and community Grange offer, and how each child’s individual need is looked to, and their personal aims are supported. The campaign goals were to inspire more parents to apply for Grange and to see an increase in the number of actually enrolled students. To communicate the individual focus at Grange we photographed and interviewed real students about their future goals and what they like best about Grange with their statements handwritten by the students themselves. To communicate the strong community we also presented individual stories of teachers and parents and why they’ve chosen Grange. Credits: Creative Direction: Sunita Yeomans. Concept development and design: Oliver Young, Yuyang Chen and Sara Norrbom.

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