Rebranding of Wellnets visual identity, webpage, customer platform and supplier platform, including art direction, UI and UX. Wellnet deliver health care benefit services to organisations and companies that take the health and sustainability of their employees seriously. Aesthetically the rebranding of Wellnet is about inspiring to a healthy lifestyle, without becoming attractive only to those who already loves the gym and “being healthy”. Therefor we decided on soft, light imagery showing how people feel when they obtain a healthy lifestyle, rather than sweaty, fit people in action whom only a small portion of the users would feel recognition with and be inspired by. I combined this with a light Scandinavian inspired look since Wellnet is the only company in the segment who has roots and is fully focused on the Swedish market, differentiating it from international competitors. The warm yellow is full of energy and is used as an accent color. Visit site at www.wellnet.se.

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